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Scan Tip: Continue the Scan

3D model is made up of sequential images took by the scanner . The scanning frame rate is up to 30 frames per second (30 FPS). While shooting new images, the scanner identifies distance information about the surface in its view, and combine the shared features in every images into polygon mesh.”Lost tracking” may happen when scanning objects with certain colors and materials, with unstable movement during scanning, or when the target is at the edge of the scanner’s field of view.In this case, you may try to match the “grey shadow” with the colored mesh to continue the scan.Demo video:

Unstable movement caused lost tracking. Now move the scanner, try to match the grey shadow with the colored mesh to continue the scan.

If you are unable to match the grey shadow with the colored mesh, please click “Retry” button in the software, or press-and-hold the button on the scanner. When the confirmation window popups, press-and-hold the button again to cancel current scan.

Tip: "Press-and-hold": Press and hold the button of the scanner for 2 seconds.