Last updated on March 28th, 2018 at 03:59 pm

This function supports adjustment for print structure of object, and the use of setting options of structure density and shell print in conjunction to result in different effects.


Operating temperature of print bed and print module is adjusted. The temperature information is saved in object slicing information. Professional series printer temperature can be set manually since it can support a third party filament.


1. Import any object.


2. Click File then select Print – da Vinci Printer.


3. Select the printer then click on General then set the Temperature.


Shell Thickness Normal

For the number of print layers of the shell for the body of the object, two layers (layer = 3) are printed from outside to inside to obtain robust shell layer and repair defects due to print of the first layer, such that neither void nor hole is resulted on surface.


1.Import any object.


2.Click File then select Print – da Vinci Printer.


3.Click on General then select Shell Thickness Normal and set the desired value.


Shell Thickness Top Surface

The top is usually the last part of object in print process. Users may adjust the number of layers    to be printed on the top. Larger number of print layers, if used, will result in denser and more solid sealing structure on the top.

Top Surface

1.Import any object then click on File and select Print – da Vinci Printer.


2.Click on General and select Shell Thickness Top Surface. Value are ranges from 1-10.


Shell Thickness Bottom Surface

Before it prints the infill structure of the bottom part of the print object, a complete and solid bottom surface of object is printed. A perfect void free bottom surface is usually resulted through three-layer print (layer = 3). In addition to bottoming effect, better object stability is provided in printing.


If you are accustomed to the settings of those printer that does not support of third party filament with style of selection for shell thickness, please refer to the following information setup:

  • Thin: 1 layer
  • Normal: 2 layers
  • Thick: 3 layers

If the top part and solid layer (infill) are set to 0, the result will be hollow object.

1.Import any object or create any design.


2.Click File then select Print – da Vinci Printer.


3. Select any Professional Printer. Click on General and set the desired value on Shell Thickness Bottom Surface.