Last updated on September 19th, 2018 at 10:54 am

Help Tab will help you to access the About, Feedback, Tutorials and Shortcut Keys. It will surely help you to have more idea about the software.


About XYZmaker

This function will show you the version of XYZmaker, as well as the copyright link wherein you can have more idea about the software; you can also send feedback whenever you found some issues on the software by clicking the link in Info.

  • About XYZmaker Window


  • Copyright page


  • Support Page


  • This will display after clicking Info and you can send feedback regarding the software performance.

Feeback Mail


Object drawing and usage of XYZmaker is easier because of the Tutorials provided. By clicking Tutorials, it will help you to redirect on the website that contains several Tutorials in order to create objects.


Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys help provide easier and usually quick method of navigating and executing commands in XYZmaker.