General Post Processing

Last updated on June 5th, 2019 at 04:51 pm

To achieve the best performance of the materials, following below steps on post-processing resin based prints.

Recommendation on Finishing

1. Cleaning

After removing the printed object from the platform, please clean it with ethyl alcohol of concentration greater than 95%.

Rinse the objects in clear alcohol thoroughly while gently scrubbing the surface.

» Do not immerse the printed item in alcohol for longer than over 10 minutes, or the alcohol may erode the item's structure and damage the item.

2. Air-Dry the Alcohol on the Surface

There will be alcohol residue on the surface of the printed item after it is washed. Please keep the printed item still after it is washed and do not perform post-curing until you have confirmed that the alcohol has completely volatilized. After the alcohol has air-dried, please check carefully whether there is any resin residue in the features. Please make sure to remove the uncured resin to prevent it from blocking the design details of the original model.

3. Removing the Support

Please use tools to cut off the support instead of pulling directly (pulling can easily damage the item’s surface).

4. Post Curing

The printed object produced with the resin must be post cured using UV light to ensure the material is completely polymerized to achieve the best material properties.

Click here to read the curing profile for using XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber (Model: 3UD10).

Preservation of the Uncured Resin

Uncured resin inside of the resin tank should not be exposed to light. The uncured resin can be stored in an opaque container after it is filtered. Pour the resin back into the resin tank prior to the next printing.

» Opaque polypropylene containers are recommended for storing the resins.