General Design Specs

Last updated on June 5th, 2019 at 05:04 pm

Applicable printer: CastPro100 xP, PartPro100 xP

For the ideal printing result and the complete output of design details, please follow below design specifications when designing the models:

Wall thickness ≥ 0.3mm

Walls thinner than recommended may warp or break during the peel process.

Overhang angle ≥20°

Support structures are required for steep overhangs with an angle larger than recommended limits. Otherwise the overhangs may deform or break.

Vertical-Wire Diameter ≥0.3mm

Nets or wires thinner than recommended may break or deform during the peel process.

Hole Diameter ≥0.5mm

Holes smaller than recommended may trap resin in the object or may close off during printing.

Clearance ≥0.3mm

Clearance smaller than recommended may fuse during printing. Moving parts may thus become non-functioning.

» The recommendation is based on the printing result at layer height of 0.025mm. 
» Print quality may be affected when printing with a damaged or cloudy resin tank.
» The specs for some features are different for certain resins. Please also follow the design specs in the wiki page for each resin, if available.