WiFi Setup

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WiFi Setup- da Vinci nano w ONLY:

Before setting up

1. The network printing function is only available when the printer and the computer are both connected to the same wireless network.
2. Before connecting the printer, your wireless network settings need to be adjusted. For more information, refer to the instruction manual of your wireless router.
3. The wireless network’s channel width needs to be set to 20 MHz for the printer to connect to it wirelessly. Refer to the vendor instruction manual for more information.
4. The nano w supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security encryption standards. Wireless pass word information will be requested when setting up the printer connection.

Setting up WiFi


Connect the printer to your computer with the USB cable, open “XYZmaker” and turn on the printer.

connect to PC


Click the “File” button on the upper left corner on the screen, then click [Print] < [da Vinci Printer Plugin] to open printer operating dashboard.


Select the connected 3D Printer on Dashboard page.


Select the [SetUp] > [Wireless] to open the WiFi connection settings.


In the [WiFi setting] window, please follow the onscreen instruction to key in the related information to complete wireless connecting setup.


Once the connection method has been changed from USB to WiFi, you can unplug the USB cable and continue with the printing process.


If you need to stop or change the wireless setting, please click [Connect to new network / Disconnect].





• Name the printer and wireless network with the alphanumeric characters only.
• If no connection is detected within 90 seconds, the printer will time-out. If this is the case, check that the
configuration process is correct and try again.
• Confirm your wireless network’s security key on the router’s wireless settings page.
• The recommended wireless connection distance between your printer and the wireless networking device needs to
be within 10 meters. The connection quality, will depend on the power of your networking device, and the
environment you are connecting the two devices in. For more information, please refer to your networking device’s instruction manual.


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NOTE: The recommended operating temperature is 15 ℃ ~ 32 ℃ (59 ° F ~ 90 ° F). If the room temperature is above this, please open the front cover to maintain print quality.

Load model

With XYZmaker open, go to File > Open and load you model. Select the model and click the Land icon to make sure the model is sitting on the print bed.

Image 9
















Print model

Click File > Print > da Vinci Printer Plugin and a new print window will open up with print settings.





Click Prepare

Adjust the print parameters and click Prepare. This will slice the model into layers that the printer uses to print the model.

Image 13


Click Print

Check that the sliced file is a complete model and click Print.

Image 14


When the print job begins, the printer will print a line on the print bed to ensure the filament is extruding properly.

line wall

Sit back and relax

Be sure to check back regularly on the status of your print.

check list


• When the printer starts printing, you can monitor the status by clicking DASHBOARD.
• The recommended operating temperature is 15℃ ~ 32℃ (59 ℉ ~ 90 ℉). If the room temperature is above this, please open the front cover to maintain print quality.
• After the print is finished, the object may be removed with a scraper.
• When using different types of filament, we recommend changing the extruder module.

Load Filament

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Open the Dashboard

Click File > Print > da Vinci Printer Plugin > Dashboard

The dashboard is the interface where you can initiate cleaning, calibration, and load/unload filament functions.

Note: When using different types of filament, we recommend changing the extruder module.



Image 4










Click Filament > Load Filament

Image 5












Follow the onscreen instructions to load the filament

Image 6



Take the tip of the filament and insert it into the feeding hole. The printer will start to load the filament automatically.


When a constant stream of filament is coming out of the extruder module, click FINISH.


load filament_complete

Software Setup

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XYZmaker is a software that is used to operate the da Vinci nano/ da Vinci nano w and prepare 3D models for printing.

Note: First-time installation requires an Internet connection. To control the da Vinci nano/ da Vinci nano w, you need to connect it to a computer with XYZmaker installed.

Download XYZmaker software

Click here to download the software

Image 1



Install XYZmaker 

Open XYZmaker and install it on your computer

Image 2








Connect USB and power cable

Connect the da Vinci nano/ da Vinci nano w to your computer via USB















Turn on the 3D printer

turn on














Open XYZmaker and check that you’re connected to the da Vinci nano

Open XYZmaker and click File > Print > da Vinci Printer Plugin
This will display a print screen that lets you set print settings and prepare your printer.






Open Dashboard 

The dashboard is the interface where you can initiate cleaning, calibration, and load/unload filament functions.

Image 4












There should be a green circle showing that you are connected to the da Vinci nano.

Image 7

Hardware Setup

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Install the Guide Tube and Extruder Module

Insert guide tube into the extruder port

Image 001











Press the white button and align the extruder module with the bracket. Once aligned, release the white button to connect the extruder module with the bracket.


Connect the flat cable to the extruder module. (Be sure to insert the flat cable in the right direction.)


Use the cramp ring to hold the filament guide tube and flat cable. (Place the cramp ring on the flat cable marker.)



Feed the guide tube through the top cover

Image 002










Attach the top cover to the machine

Image 003










Rotate the cover

Direct the bottom locking catches toward their slots, then press the tab to rotate clockwise.

Image 004









Ensure that the guide tube has been tightly inserted into the feed module port.



install filament


Place filament  on the spool holder

The filament spool holder is located on the back side of the printer.

Note: The da Vinci nano/da Vinci nano w comes with a pre-assembled filament spool. The white spool ring has a sensor chip that tracks the amount of filament left to print with. When you purchase new filament you will need to load the new sensor chip here.

20171127_NANO 白灰.3517_1205


Cut the tip of the filament at 45° and insert it into the feeding module hole

cut the filament
















Open the hold-open component and take out the print bed.


Stick the bed tape onto the print bed. (align center)




• The filament will load better when the tip of the filament is cut at a 45° angle.
• When the printer is not in use, raise the filament spool.
• If the room temperature is below 25℃/ 77°F, apply some glue to the bed tape for better part adhesion.


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Open box and remove accessories  

Remove the accessories and foam block covering the da Vinci nano/ da Vinci nano w and place them to one side.

Note: Keep the original packaging materials in case you need to send your unit back for repair during the warranty period. If other packaging materials are used instead, the printer may become damaged during transportation. In such a situation, XYZprinting reserves the right to charge a repair fee.

Take out the accessories, top cover and printer.

Image 001


Remove the styrofoam packing material on sides and the plastic bag.

Image 002






Remove the fixed tape from the printer bottom and take out the filament.

Image 003






Remove fixed tape on front cover sides


Remove the fixed tape on the extruder module and print bed packaging.



Push the extruder module mount to the side and remove the packaging foam from underneath it.

Remove any remaining fixed tape and packaging.Please remove all fixed materials before turning on the printer to prevent the machine from damage.


Check that all the accessories are there by checking the image below. 


  1. Quick guide & warranty card
    Printing Accessories:
  2. Scraper
  3. USB wire
  4. Guide tube
  5. Bed tape x 3
  6. Power adapter
  7. Power cord
  8. Bundled filament
    Machine Maintaining Accessories:
  9. Feeding path cleaning wire
  10. Nozzle cleaning wire x 5
  11. Cleaning brush
  12. Feed module port