Last updated on May 23rd, 2018 at 10:39 am

Open box and remove accessories  

Remove the accessories and foam block covering the da Vinci nano/ da Vinci nano w and place them to one side.

Note: Keep the original packaging materials in case you need to send your unit back for repair during the warranty period. If other packaging materials are used instead, the printer may become damaged during transportation. In such a situation, XYZprinting reserves the right to charge a repair fee.

Take out the accessories, top cover and printer.

Image 001


Remove the styrofoam packing material on sides and the plastic bag.

Image 002






Remove the fixed tape from the printer bottom and take out the filament.

Image 003






Remove fixed tape on front cover sides


Remove the fixed tape on the extruder module and print bed packaging.



Push the extruder module mount to the side and remove the packaging foam from underneath it.

Remove any remaining fixed tape and packaging.Please remove all fixed materials before turning on the printer to prevent the machine from damage.


Check that all the accessories are there by checking the image below. 


  1. Quick guide & warranty card
    Printing Accessories:
  2. Scraper
  3. USB wire
  4. Guide tube
  5. Bed tape x 3
  6. Power adapter
  7. Power cord
  8. Bundled filament
    Machine Maintaining Accessories:
  9. Feeding path cleaning wire
  10. Nozzle cleaning wire x 5
  11. Cleaning brush
  12. Feed module port