In Setting function, you can adjust the interface language, display units, printer type, printout scaling, light strength tuning and sign in as XYZprinting member.

Click on below items to read more information on each setting:


Select the display language of the software.

Display Units

Select the display unit of the workspace. You can change the display unit between cm and inch.

Each grid on the virtual platform illustrates 1 cm² / inch² in the actual size.

Auto Position

When Auto Position is selected, the software will adjust the position of the object while importing the file. The option makes sure that the objects will not overlap each other on the workspace.

When the option is not selected, all objects imported will be placed at the center of the workspace.

Printer Type

The change to Printer Type will be reflected at the size of workspace and options in Export and Print functions. If the Printer Type is changed after any object has been imported, the workspace will be reset.

Light Strength Tuning

The delicacy and solidness of prints is determined by the strength of the laser beam. You may adjust the strength of the laser’s power based on common features and purposes of your prints.

The printer prints in moderate laser power by default. You may get more delicate objects when printing with lower laser power, but the printouts may slightly weaken under force. Try post curing the parts in this case. If the objects deform easily, you may try to increase the laser power.

The function is shown only when the printer is connected.

Printout Scaling

To improve the dimensional accuracy of the printer, you may adjust the scale of the X/Y axis with this option. Once adjusted, the setting will be applied to all files processed later on on the same computer.

(A)Printout Scaling under Settings. (B) The scaled ratio is included in the “Info” of the file.


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