Resin Tank Cleanup

To remove any residue stuck to the bottom of the resin tank, clean the tank level sensor covered resin, or to clean the tank thoroughly, follow the procedure for cleaning:

Empty the tank

Pour uncured resin in the tank into a clean container. For remaining resin, scrape the surface of the tank gently while pouring the liquid out.

Clean the tank bottom

Scrape off the residue stuck on the tank gently. Avoid damaging the silicon finish.

Clean the tank level sensor

Clean the tank level sensor if it gets stuck. Rinse the sensor with alcohol, or brush it with a soft-bristled brush gently.

Alcohol-bath the tank

Spray alcohol on the tank and the silicon finish, and wait for around 1 minute. Gently scrape residue and pour remaining alcohol left in the tank into the waste bin. Repeat these steps until all residue has been removed.

Dry the tank

The wall of the tank may leave white marks after washed with Alcohol. Wipe the wall of the tank with a lint-free cloth.

As to the bottom of the tank, you can wait until the alcohol evaporates completely.

Replace the tank when it is impossible to remove the cured residues in the tank.