User Interface

XYZware_Nobel is not only for printing, it also enables basic edits and printer setups. Below is the descriptions of all functions.

(A) Import

Import objects in .stl/.3ws/.3wn format.

Open the file browser and select the files to print.

Only one 3ws or 3wn file is allowed on the workspace.
You may also drag the files from a folder into XYZware_Nobel. To load more than one file, press Shift key while selecting the files and drag them into XYZware_Nobel.

(B) Export

Export the objects on the workspace to sliced file in 3wn format. Click here to read the description on each options.

(C) Save

Save as .stl or .3ws file.

Save all objects on the platform to a single stl/3ws file. Any adjustment to the size or placement of the objects will apply to the file.

(D) Print

Setup printing preference and send the objects for printing.

The options are the same as for the Export function. Click here to read the description on each options.

(E) Setting

Setup interface language, display units, printer type, printout scaling, light strength tuning and sign in as XYZprinting member. Click here to read the description on each options.

(F) About

Software and firmware version are displayed here.

To update software or printer firmware, please click in the update/upgrade button in this window. In this section, you can also find the contact information of XYZprinting in different regions.

Apply printer firmware and XYZware_Nobel updates when prompt by the software for stable printing performance.

(G) Zoom

Zoom in/out the view.

Zoom in or out the platform to view the details of objects.

You can also zoom with the scroll wheel on the mouse.

(H) View

Switch views.

Switch views with a click to view objects from different angle.

You can also drag the mouse to rotate the view.

(I) Support

Add supports to overhangs on the models.

Support structure is required under overhangs. It prevents the falling for gravity and the deforming due to the peeling force during printing, and increases adhesion of the model to the platform. Click here to read more.

(J) Move

Move the object along the x, y, or z axis.

You can move the object by dragging the slider or inputting a value in the field by the slider.

Keyboard shortcut
Press and hold ALT key and drag the mouse to move the object horizontally.

(K) Rotate

Adjust the angle of the object around the x, y, or z axis.

Orientation is one of the keys to a successful print. For models of top-heavy structure, with less contact with the platform, or with any larger solid layer, please rotate the model to reduce the effect of peeling force during build process.

To rotate the model, drag the mouse over the circular slider or input the desired angle in center of the circular slider.

(L) Scale

Scale the object as you desire. The adjustment to the object on the platform will not affect the size of your original file.

To scale up or down the model, input the desired size on X, Y or Z axis, drag on the slider bar, or input the scale ratio directly.

To resize the whole model, be sure to check "Uniform". Unselect "Uniform" if you wish to make non-uniform scaling.

(M) Info

View info of the object.

You can check the dimension and location of the object in this function. For sliced objects, the info window also shows printing related data, including selected printer type, estimated print time and resin volume.

(N) Remove

Remove the object from the platform.

Select an object and click the option to delete it from the platform.

Keyboard shortcut
You can also press Delete key to remove the selected object from the platform.

(O) Printer Monitor

View printer status, including printing progress and the resin level in the resin cartridge.

“My Printer” window shows the information on the connected printer(s). However, only one connection is allowed. To switch to another printer, click “Connect” button below the target printer.

"Wireless Setting" is only compatible with printer model Nobel Superfine.