Follow the video to unpack your printer.


Keep original packaging material in the event of sending your unit back for repair.

Unlock the printer

Lay down the printer, and release the printing module locker by pushing it to the right.


Nobel 1.0A is shipped with the following parts and accessories.

A. User quick guide
B. Warranty card
C. Starter Resin
D. Nozzle cap
E. Inner Tube
F. Scraper
G. Gloves
H. Rinse Basket
I. USB Flash Drive
J. USB Wire
K. Power Cable
L. Power Adapter
M. Resin Tank
After unpacking, please inspect the interior and exterior of the printer and accessories for damage. Please contact support for any missing or defective parts and accessories.

Remove the protective foam under the platform

Connect the power source to the printer and power on the printer.


On the printer, select “UTILITIES” > “MOVE PLATFORM”>“TO TOP”>“YES” to raise the platform.

Remove the protective foam from the tank slot.

Assemble the lid

Assemble the top case by following the instructions in the box and the video below.


Printer overviews

Below is the list of the main components on the printer.

A. Platform The print bed of the printer.
B. Filling Tubes To be attached to the cap of the resin bottle for filling resin to the tank.
C. Cartridge Slot For holding the resin bottle on the printer.
D. Tank Slot For holding the resin tank.
E. Operation Panel For displaying messages and setting up the printer.

Use the operation panel

To control and maintain the printer, you will need to operate certain functions with buttons on the control panel. Here is the map of the buttons:

A. Move up along the menu
B. Back, cancel selection
C. Move down along the menu
D. Confirm selection and settings, save the settings and exit
E. Select and go to the next page
F. Back to home