LCM Menus

Most operations of the printer are activated with the LCM menus. Below is the description on the function of each item in the menus.

(A) Page 1

(B) Page 2. Press to go to page 2 on the printer screen.


“Utilities” menu provides the control of the printer. You can instruct to fill the resin tank manually, and calibrate the printer when necessary.
Below is the list of functions under the Utilities menu:


Resin auto filling function is enabled by default. The tank will be refilled automatically when resin level low or empty is detected. You may still activate resin-filling function manually.

Before doing so, make sure the resin bottle, resin tank and the lid are installed correctly.

Select “Yes” and press  to begin:

» “Auto Fill” function is enabled by default. You may skip loading resin manually when auto-fill is enabled.
» Shake the resin bottle well before use to ensure an even color.
» The printer detects the tank level after "Install Resin" is activated. Resin will be filled only when the tank level is low.


HORIZON CALIBRATION is for calibrate the print platform. Platform calibration ensures the platform is parallel with the resin tank for more stable printing performance. If the platform is not calibrated, objects may fall during printing.

» Click here to read step-by-step instructions on platform calibration. 
» Always calibrate the platform after changing to a new tank or a tank or a platform different the one used for last print.


Activate the function when you need to move the platform manually.
Simple select move the platform “to top” or “to bottom” to proceed:

When the platform has moved to the bottom or top as indicated, press  to exit the function.



The Settings menu allows you to adjust printer settings, including below items:

(A) Page 1

(B) Page 2. Press the down key to go to page 2 on the printer screen.


When the buzzer is turned on, the printer will output an audible signal when a button is pressed. Buzzer is turned on by default.

To switch off the buzzer: Select “OFF” and press to change the setting.


When “Auto Fill” is enabled, the printer will fill the resin tank before printing and when low tank level is detected. With the auto-fill function, you no longer need to manually refill the resin during printing. This is especially useful when printing large objects. “Auto Fill” is enabled by default.

To disable the function: Select “OFF” and press to change the setting.

» Be sure to place the printer on a leveled surface, or tank level detection may be inaccurate. 
» Auto-fill will be switched off when the timeout expires. Timeout may be caused by an empty resin bottle or the tank level sensor soaked by resin. Please replace the resin bottle or clean up the level sensor before enabling the function.


You may switch the display language on the printer. The default language is English.

To switch to other language: Select a language and press to change the setting.


LED back-light of the LCM enhances the readability of the content of the display.

To save energy consumed, the back-light will go off after the printer idles for 3 minutes (shown as 03M on the display) by default. To set a longer time interval: Select “OFF” and press to change the setting.

A. Backlight will never go off.

B. Backlight will go off after the printer idles 3 minutes.

C. Backlight will go off after the printer idles 6 minutes. Select an option, and press to change the setting.


All settings can be reset to factory default with a few clicks.

To reset all settings at once: Simply select “YES” and press to reset.



Under “Info” menu, you can check the statistics and firmware version of the printer, status of resin bottle installed, and information on XYZprinting.

(A) Page 1

(B) Page 2. Press  to go to page 2 on the printer screen.


In “Statistics”, you can check the accumulated print time. The accumulated working time for the printer is shown in hours.


Firmware version is shown here. To ensure optimal printing performance, it is advised to keep the firmware up to date. To check for firmware updates, please go to XYZware_Nobel.



“Resin Status” provides the information on resin level, and the capacity, color and material of the resin. Press  on the printer to read the second page.

A. Original amount of resin in the cartridge.

B. Resin level in the resin cartridge

C. The color or material type of the resin cartridge installed.

D. Resin Model indicates the resin version. While setting up printing preference in XYZware_Nobel, please select the correct resin model. The info is also printed on the serial number label on the resin bottle. For resin bottles without the info of resin model, the resin model is A1.



When you encounter exceptional status during the operation of the printer, you may check the status of each sensor here. The information is especially helpful for troubleshooting.

The content may look like this:

How to read the status:

C: 1 – Lid (Top cover) covered; 0 – Lid not covered Z-T: 1 – Platform at top; 0 – Platform away from top Z-B: 1 –Platform at bottom; 0 – Platform away from bottom T: 1- Tank motor in action (Right side of the tank sinks slightly); 0 – Tank motor idling (Tank is leveled) L: 1 – Tank level low; 0 – Tank full or tank not installed Y: 1 – laser engine in action; 0 – laser engine idling



The URL to XYZprinting website can be found here. You may go to the website for the latest information, product documents, tutorial video and more.



Insert USB flash drive to the USB drive port at the back of the printer, and select “PRINT FROM USB” on the printer.

Press on the printer to browse the menu, and press to select a file to print.

» Please slice the 3D model with XYZware_Nobel and save it in .3wn format. Files in other format or not sliced with XYZware_Nobel will not be shown. (Read more)
» For correct file name display, please name the file with English and Japanese (Katakana preferred) alphabets and numbers.
» Sample files are provided in the bundled USB drive. To print the sample, please slice the stl files with XYZware_Nobel before printing, or selected the sliced .3wn files.