Tough Resin (D2)

Applicable printer: Nobel 1.0A

The engineering resin features high toughness and impact resistance. The material doesn’t break easily under stress or strain, making it suitable for prototyping of objects that required some flexibility, such as snap-fit and assemblies.

Model Design Tips

For the ideal printing result and the complete output of design details, please follow below design specifications when designing the models.

» Wall thickness ≥ 1.5mm

» Minimum Vertical-Wire Diameter ≥ 0.6mm

» Clearance ≥0.5mm

» For the specs for other features, please follow the general design specs here.

Resin Bottle Installation

The resin bottle has been changed for the compatibility of more printer model. You may find the bottle slimmer than before. Please place the resin bottle at the center of the cartidge slot for better detection of the tag.

Recommendation on Finishing

Please follow the standard cleaning procedure here. Please also pay attention to below special requirements for this material.


Remove the printed parts from the platform and wash the prints with 95% alcohol AS SOON AS the printing job is completed.

Post Curing

Post cure the objects AS SOON AS the alcohol on surface has evaporated.

Post Rinse

If the surface of the printed parts feels sticky after above post-processing, rinse the objects with IPA.