Cone Support

Cone support is a new support function in XYZware_Nobel. Please update to the latest software to use this function.

Cone support is thicker than the original support. It is ideal for adding  sprues at the base of castable prints. When using cone support as the sprues, simply leave them on the prints for casting.

Cone support also provides better adhesion to the platform, making it helpful for holding the base of heavy objects on the platform. When the cone support is added to the object, it’s recommended to sand it away for better surface finish.

Structure of Cone Supports

(A) Contact Area; a larger contact area may be required for heavy objects.

(B) Top Diameter; minimum diameter: 2mm.

(C) Base Diameter; minimum diameter: 3mm. The base diameter of the support should be at least 1mm larger than the top diameter.

To Add Cone Supports

Step 1: Set up cone marks (shown as orange dots)

Click on the overhangs on the model to add cone marks. To delete a cone mark,  click on the orange dot to remove it.

Step 2: Generate cone structure

Generate cone: click “Generate” after setting up cone marks.

Step 3: Adjust the contact area of the cone support if necessary

To adjust the contact area of the cone support, go back to the function menu “Support” > “Cone”, and select the button “Contact Area”.

Click on the targeted cone (selected cone will change to blue) and drag the slider to adjust the contact area.

Click “Done” once you have adjusted the contact area of all cones.


1. Cone support is only available when the overhang is at least 6mm above the platform. The software will lift the object when necessary.

2. The diameter of the support is fixed once added. To adjust the support, please delete the mark, change the diameters and add the cone mark again.