Helpful Functions

The scan result viewer provides the following functions. With the useful functions, XYZscan Handy is now also a helpful editing software for 3d scans.


The function is for measuring the perimeter and length of the scan result.

  Select the measuring tape for measuring the perimeter.

It’s for measuring the perimeter of the plane defined by 3 points.

(1) Marker creator; the icon is for adding measurement marks.
(2) Marker eraser; the icon is for deleting existing marks. Simply click on the existing point to delete.
(3) The third icon is for clearing all markers. After deleting the markers, click on marker creator to add new markers.
(4) To keep the measurements, click on the camera icon to save the screenshot. And click on “Save” to keep the measurements.

Click on “marker creator” and click on the model to add 3 points. The perimeter of the appointed plane is shown on the right-top corner.

  Select the ruler for measuring the length.

It’s for measuring the linear distance between markers. After clicking on “marker creator”, left-click on the model to add markers.

To measure irregular shapes, keep on adding markers on the desired location. The distances between new markers will be added to the length measurement, and the total measurement will be refreshed on the top-right corner.


The function is for deleting unwanted area from the scan result.

Left-click on the center of the unwanted area on the model, and hold and drag the mouse to change the angle of the cutting line. The cutting line is perpendicular to the movement of the cursor.

Once releasing the mouse button, you can preview the slicing. By default, the section where the cursor located will be cut off. To cut off the oposite section, click on the invert icon on top.

And click on the delete icon to delete.

You may use the undo and redo icons on top if appropriate.

Please note that slicing is unrecoverable once returning to the main window.


The function is for fine-tuning the color of the scan result.

Simply drag the slider to modify the brightness, contrast and vividness of the scan result. When saving the colored 3D file, the adjustment to color will also be applied.


View Angle Switch

The function allows for switching view angle with a few clicks.

Simply select a desired view angle to rotate the model.

Color Switch

The function is for switching off the color of the scan result, for checking the details.

The function does not affect the color data of the scans.


Tutorial video on the helpful functions: