Body Mode

How to scan: Body Mode

Get to know the optimized scanning speed for Body Mode, you can digitize a human body or large object in a few minutes.

The person being scanned should hold as still as possible throughout the scanning process to achieve a good scan.
When scanning a human body or large object, the operator will have to walk around the target. Remove any obstacles around the scanning target before scanning. 
Top Principles:

1. When scanning a human body, you can start from the head or the feet. Move the scanner around the head, the torso and the feet or vice versa.

2. Scanning data is much larger for full body scanning. It takes longer for data processing. For a smooth scanning experience, please move the scanner slower than using the head/object mode. Normally you should follow the scanning speed shown in this video:

3. Adjust the scanning speed by referring to the “data points” shown in the preview screen. When the increasing of data points has stopped, you may keep on scanning the next area.

• Shiny and dark surface (such as black hair) and transparent and reflective material are challenging to the scanning technology. Please check here for the scanning tips for such cases.  
• The scanner may lose tracking occasionally when scanning the surface without noticeable features. Please check here for the tips for scanning plain surface.