X-axis adjustment

If you have tried calibrating the Mini and adjusting the Z-axis offset, but you are still having issues. For example, prints won’t stick to the print bed, or the tape on the printing bed has been scratched, we recommend following this guide to adjust your X-axis support.

Connect to a PC, open XYZware, and click on Printer monitor > Setup > Jog mode. Then click Home axes.

Check and make sure the Extruder module has returned to its home position.

Image 001

Move Z-axis up by 10mm.

Image 002

Manually move the extruder module to the right.

Image 003

Open the black cover on the left-hand side of the machine.

Image 004

Take the leveling tool supplied with the da Vinci Mini, and place it on the print bed under the X-axis support.
Image 007

Unloosen the 4 screws manually, but do not take them off completely.

Image 005

In Jog mode, move Z-axis downward by 1mm.

Repeat the above steps until the X-axis support and the leveling tool are flush.Image 006

Check that the leveling tool and X-axis support are in full-contact with each other, then tighten the 4 loosened screws.

Image 008

Remove the leveling tool – X-axis adjustment complete.

Image 010