Setup issues

XYZware displays "Printer Error" after I have clicked print

After a print or if a print fails, you need to return the LED button to its green state

  • If the LED button is red or orange, push it once to make it return to a green state. The printer is now ready to print.

XYZware will not connect to the da Vinci Mini

Ensure the da Vinci Mini’s USB cable is connected to the printer and your computer:

  • Turn on the da Vinci Mini
  • Restart XYZware
  • Click on the Printer monitor and wait for XYZware to automatically detect the da Vinci Mini

If you are still having issues connecting to the da Vinci Mini, try manually connecting:

  • In XYZware click Settings > Printer > Printer type > da Vinci Mini W or da Vinci miniMaker

The print monitor is displaying error code: 0028
  • Check that the filament spool has a white filament spool ring attached to it
  • Put the filament spool on the spool holder to the left-hand side of the da Vinci Mini
  • If the above suggestions do not work, open up the filament spool ring using a phillip screwdriver and check that there is a sensor chip inside.

Image 9

When you purchase new XYZprinting filament, it comes with a NFC sensor chip that you need to load into the filament spool ring before use. This sensor chip tracks the type of filament, how much you have used, and is able to let you know if you have enough to complete the print. Without the sensor chip, the printer will be unable to work.
The da Vinci Mini’s extruder module has been designed to extrude only XYZprinting PLA filament; because 3rd party filaments often jam inside the extruder,  only XYZprinting filament will work with the da Vinci Mini.

Purchase new filament 

Not enough filament alert shown, how do I go back to the monitor page?

The alert is displayed when you have 30% filament remaining, click the button to go back to the main screen.