Open box and remove accessories

Remove the accessories and foam block covering the da Vinci Mini and place them to one side.  

Note: Keep the original packaging materials in case you need to send your unit back for repair during the warranty period. If other packaging materials are used instead, the printer may become damaged during transportation. In such a situation, XYZprinting reserves the right to charge a repair fee.

unboxing 2

Check that all accessories are there

Confirm that the accessories are there by checking the image below.



Remove da Vinci Mini from box

Take the da Vinci Mini out of the box and place it on a stable surface.

unboxing 3

Take out the folded cardboard

Remove the folded cardboard, being careful not damage the extruder module mount.

unboxing 4

Remove red and transparent tape

Remove all red and transparent tape from the da Vinci Mini.

unboxing 5

Remove 4 shaft clips

There are 4 orange clips attached to the Mini’s Z-axis shaft that support the X-axis and extruder mount. These need to be removed before operating the machine or it will not move when turned on.

unboxing 7-01
unboxing 6