Clean Feed Module

During filament unloading, if the filament breaks off or gets stuck in the drive gears, you will need to clean the drive gears. Below is a detailed explanation on how to do this.

Push down on the black ring in guide tube connector and remove the guide tube from the feed module.

Image 24

Open the feed module cover.

Image 25

Unloosen the screws on both sides of the cover.

Note: do not remove them entirely from their sockets – you will be tightening them back up shortly.
Image 26

Remove the cover protecting the motor.
Image 27

Clean the left side idle roller and right side motor gear with the brush.
Image 28

If the filament breaks off inside the feed module, or is stuck, push the release arm and remove the broken filament.
Image 29

Reattach the cover protecting the motor, then reattach the screws.
Image 30

Reattached the feed module cover.
Image 31

Reinstall the guide tube.
Image 32