Calibration is important to ensure the quality of your prints. If you notice the first few layers of your print are different from the rest of your model, or the filament is having trouble sticking to the print bed, it is good first calibrate your printer and see if the quality improves.

Click on the Printer monitor icon in the bottom-right of the screen.


Click Setup, then Calibrate to start the calibration steps

Image 2

Click Start and follow the onscreen instructions

Image 3

Press Button 1 on the extruder module, then click Next.

This will extend a sensor that is used to measure the distance between the extruder module and print bed.

Image 4


Calibration is complete, press Button 2 on the extruder module, then click Next.

This will put the sensor back in its housing so it does not interfere during printing.

Image 6

Click Finish to complete calibration.

Image 7