Warning: There are 4 orange clips attached to the Mini’s Z-axis shaft that support the X-axis and extruder mount. These need to be removed before operating the machine or it will be unable to print.

unboxing 7-01

Import a 3D model into XYZware

Open XYZware, click Import and select a .stl file.


Click Print

Depending on what filament you have loaded the da Vinci Mini will use its default settings. Click Advanced to adjust the different printing parameters.



After the print is complete, use the supplied scraper to remove the 3D model.


Load Filament

Open Printer monitor 

Click on the Printer monitor icon in the bottom-right of the screen.


Click Filament to access all the filament options


Click Load filament


Click Start and follow the onscreen instructions


When a constant stream of PLA is coming out of the extruder module, click FINISH.


Software Setup

To control the da Vinci Mini, you need to be connected it to a computer with XYZware installed.

Download XYZware software

Click here to download the software or go to to download the latest version of XYZware.


Install XYZware

Open XYZware and install it on your computer


Connect USB cable

Connect the da Vinci Mini to your computer via USB


Power on

Turn on the da Vinci Mini


Open XYZware and check that you’re connected to the da Vinci Mini

Click on Printer monitor and wait for the da Vinci Mini to connect

Hardware Setup

Attach the extruder module to X-axis

Clip the extruder module into the extruder module mount on the X-axis.

Insert ribbon connector to extruder module>

Plug the ribbon connector into the housing located on the extruder module


Insert the power cord
Attach the power cord to the power adapter and plug the power adapter into the da Vinci Mini.


Attach guide tube to feed module and extruder module

After ensuring the guide tube is properly connected to the feeder module, take the other end and feed it through the top of the printer, then insert it into the extruder module.    



Attach bed tape to print bed

Unpeel the bed tape and smoothly apply it to the print bed.

Open spool holder case


Pull down spool holder


Place assembled filament spool on spool holder

The white filament spool ring comes pre-assembled with your complementary filament. When you purchase new filament you will need to transfer this part to the new filament spool before using it.


Cut filament at 45°


Pull the lever and insert the filament through feed module 

Make sure that is passes through the feed module and can be seen in the guide tube.Hardware_010




Open box and remove accessories

Remove the accessories and foam block covering the da Vinci Mini and place them to one side.  

Note: Keep the original packaging materials in case you need to send your unit back for repair during the warranty period. If other packaging materials are used instead, the printer may become damaged during transportation. In such a situation, XYZprinting reserves the right to charge a repair fee.

unboxing 2

Check that all accessories are there

Confirm that the accessories are there by checking the image below.



Remove da Vinci Mini from box

Take the da Vinci Mini out of the box and place it on a stable surface.

unboxing 3

Take out the folded cardboard

Remove the folded cardboard, being careful not damage the extruder module mount.

unboxing 4

Remove red and transparent tape

Remove all red and transparent tape from the da Vinci Mini.

unboxing 5

Remove 4 shaft clips

There are 4 orange clips attached to the Mini’s Z-axis shaft that support the X-axis and extruder mount. These need to be removed before operating the machine or it will not move when turned on.

unboxing 7-01
unboxing 6