XYZmaker tutorial – Robot Hand part 1

XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img000 This tutorial uses XYZmaker to model basic 3D shapes, combine, and edit them – teaching you to create a functioning model of a robotic hand that is able to close and open. First collect some reference material and compare all the different types of robotic hands.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img000_1 Next,  using paper or sketching software, plan all the parts that you need to make and their individual rotation joints. After creating this reference drawing, use a chain-like structure for the joints, and give the finger links a bigger range of mobility. The blue parts in the image above are the joints, and the red parts will act as shafts that hold the pieces together.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img001 Create a cube and change its dimensions to X: 14,Y: 28,Z: 14 mm and position to X: 0,Y: 0,Z: 7. Call this part the Finger joint A.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img002 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img003 Select Finger joint A and click Clone. Next, change the dimensions to X: 20,Y: 10,Z: 30 mm, and position to X: 0,Y: -18,Z: 7. Call this the Cutting part   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img004 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img005 Select the Cutting part, then click and hold the arrow next to the Y axis in the bounding box, dragging the part and rotate it 345° .   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img006 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img007 Select the Cutting part and click on Mirror. Next in the Mirror properties window click back.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img008 Select the Cutting part you just reflected, and change its Y axis position to 18.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img009 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img010 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img011 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img012 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img013 Use the two Cutting parts and the Hole function to cut a chamfer into the Finger joint as shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img014 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img015 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img016 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img017 Create a Cylinder and rotate it 90° along the Y axis, then change its dimensions to X: 14,Y: 3.5,Z: 14 mm and position to X: 0,Y: -17,Z: 7.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img018 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img019 Select the Cylinder, then click and hold the arrow next to the Y-axis in the bounding box, dragging the part 345°.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img020 Next, change the Cylinder’s Y-axis position to -12.65.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img021 Zoom in and inspect the part, you will see an edge showing.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img022 Select Finger joint A, then while holding down Ctrl, click on the Cylinder to select the two objects. Next, click on the Align button.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img023 Click on the blue frame in the image to make the parts aligned.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img024 Zoom in on the part again and inspect it, you will see the gap has almost disappeared.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img025 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img026 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img027 Drag select the parts shown above and click Clone. Next, change its X-axis position to -28.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img028 Create a Cube and change its dimensions to X: 50,Y: 10,Z: 10 mm and position to X: -14,Y: -16,Z: 5. Call this Cutting part.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img029 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img030 Select the Cutting part, then click and hold the rotation arrow next to the Y-axis in the bounding box, and rotate the part by 45°.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img031 Next, change the Z-axis position to -4.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img032 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img033 Select the two parts shown above and click Mirror. Next, in the Mirror properties box click front to reflect the part.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img034 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img035 Select the two parts you just reflected and change their Y-axis position to 16.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img036   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img037 Select the cube shown in the image below and change its X-axis dimension to 25, and X-axis position to -1.5.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img038 Now the part’s placement should look as above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img039 Select the three parts shown in the image above and click Group. Call this Finger joint A.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img040 Select the two parts shown above and click Group. Call this part Fingertip.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img041 Select Finger joint A, hold down ctrl, and add Fingertip to the selection. Next, click on Hole.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img042 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img043 Select the Cutting part in the image above and click on Hole again.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img044 Select Finger joint A and click on Hole.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img045 Select the Cutting part shown above and click on Hole again to finish cutting the side.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img045_1 After cutting is complete your model should resemble the image above.

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