XYZmaker tutorial – Robot Hand part 2

XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img046 Next cut out the shape of the front end of the fingertip, create a Cube and change its dimensions to X: 20,Y: 30,Z: 10 mm and position to X: -28,Y: 5.5,Z: 17. Call this Cutting part.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img047 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img048 Select the Cutting part, click and drag on the rotation arrow next to the Y-axis, rotating the part 350°.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img049 Next, use the Cutting part and the Hole function to cut the top of the fingertip as shown in the image above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img050 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img051 Create a Cylinder and rotate it 90° along the Y-axis, then change its dimensions to X: 14,Y: 4,Z: 12 mm and position to X: -28,Y: 18,Z: 5.3.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img052 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img053 Select the Cylinder, click and hold the arrow next to the Y-axis in the bounding box, then drag the part, rotating it 25°.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img054 Next change its Y-axis position to 14.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img055 Select the Cylinder, then press and hold ctrl and click on the Fingertip to select the two parts. Next, click on Group to group them.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img056 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img057 Create a Cube and rotate it 30° along the X-axis, then change its position to X: -28,Y: 22.5,Z: -5.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img058 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img059 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img060 Use the Cube you just created and the Hole function to cut away from the Fingertip as shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img061 Create another Cube and change its position to X: -28,Y: 26,Z: 10.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img062 Use the Cube you just created and the Hole function to cut more detail into the Fingertip.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img063 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img064 Select Finger joint A and change its Y axis dimension to 28mm. Next, click on Clone to duplicate a new part called Finger joint B.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img065 With Finger joint B selected, change its Y-axis dimension to 30mm, and Y-axis position to -31.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img066 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img067 Select Fingertip and change its dimensions to  X: 14,Y: 26,Z: 14 mm and position to X: 0,Y: 29,Z: 7.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img068 So far the Finger should look as above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img069 Next, take the Finger and cut away space to place the joints. Create a Cube and change its dimensions to X: 8,Y: 100,Z: 20 mm and X-axis position to 14. Call this part the Cutting part.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img070 Select the Fingertip, Finger joint A, and Finger joint B, then click Hole.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img071 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partA_img072 Select the Cutting part and click Hole again to cut a groove into the three parts.

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