XYZmaker tutorial – Robot Hand part 4

XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img001 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img002 Drag select all the parts and click Clone. Change the X-axis position of the cloned finger to 18. Call this the Middle finger.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img003 Because the Middle finger needs to be longer than the Index finger, elongate the new part.  Change the Y-axis dimensions of the fingertip and finger links to the dimensions shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img004 After arranging the dimensions, change the Y-axis position of the three parts as shown above to keep the spacing consistent.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img005 Lastly, adjust the Knuckles’s Y-axis as shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img006 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img007 As above, drag select the Index finger parts and click Clone.  Next, change the part’s X-axis position to 36. This new part is the Ring finger, because it is the same length as the Index finger, its length doesn’t need to be adjusted. Tip: If you accidentally drag selected the wrong part, hold down ctrl and click on that part to deselect it.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img008 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img009 Drag select the Ring finger, click Clone, and change the part’s X-axis position to 54. This will be the Little finger.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img010 Because the Little finger is shorter than the other fingers, change its FingertipFinger joint A & B parts’ Y axis dimension as shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img011 Adjust the parts’ Y-axis position so that they are all at an equal distance.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img012 Lastly, adjust the Knuckle’s Y-axis as shown above. XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img013 So far the the model should look like the image above, from top to bottom the parts are: Little finger, Ring finger, Middle finger, and Index finger.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img014 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img015 Next, adjust every finger’s position; drag select the Middle finger and change its Y-axis position to -2.75.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img016 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img017 Drag select the Ring finger and change its Y-axis position to -9.75.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img018 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img019 Drag select the Little finger and change its Y-axis position to -23.75.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img020 Next, create the finger and palm connector. First select the Finger link shown in the image above and click Ungroup.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img021 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img022 Select the Cylinder in the image above, and click Clone. Next, change its dimensions to X: 3,Y: 10,Z: 10 mm and position to X: -5.5,Y: -53,Z: 9. You can also change its color so that its easier to inspect. XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img023 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img024 Select the brown Cylinder shown in the image above and click Clone. Change the new part’s X-axis dimension to 5.5.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img025 Create a Cube and change its dimensions to X: 14,Y: 8,Z: 6 mm and position to X: 0,Y: -53,Z: 3.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img026 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img027 Select the Cube you just created and click Clone. Change the new parts dimension’s to X: 8,Y: 10,Z: 8 mm and position to X: 0,Y: -53,Z: 7. Call this part the Cutting part.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img028 Select the lower Cube and click Hole.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img029 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img030 Select the Cutting part and click on Hole again to cut away an area that the link can rotate in.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img031 Select the blue Cylinder shown in the image above and click Clone.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img032 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img033 Next, click and drag the arrow above the Z-axis in the bounding box and rotate the part 90°.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img034 Lastly change the rotated part’s Z-axis dimension to 6mm and Z-axis position to 1. This new part will be a rotation point.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img035 Select the four parts shown in the image and click Group. This completes the Finger joint base.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img036 XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img037 Drag select the part in the image, then while holding ctrl, click on Finger joint B and the Finger joint base to deselect them. Lastly click Group to turn the parts back into a group.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img038 Clone the Finger joint base three times and change its X and Y-axis position to the positions shown above.   XYZmaker_robot_hand_partB_img039 So far your model should resemble the image above.

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