XYZmaker tutorial – the Brick part 3

XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img24 Select the base component and change its position to X: 0,Y: 0,Z: 11.5mm   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img25 Select the question mark component(1) and change its position to X: -1.5,Y: 0,Z: 24mm(2)   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img26 It looks like the question mark is a little too big! Select the lock button in the properties window, when you press this and change one of the X,Y, or Z values, the question mark component will scale all three values together. Change the X dimension value to 21mm, the Y and Z value will change in automatically.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img27 We’re going to create the shade part of the question mark. Select the question mark component(1), and from the toolbar, press the clone button (2). Next, change the position to X: 1.5,Y: -3,Z: 22.5mm(3), we’ll call this part the shadow.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img28 Select the shadow part(1) and from the properties window(2), click the color button.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img29 In the Select Color window, choose black followed by the (ok) button; the shadow part will turn black.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img30 We’ve finished the exterior!   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_magnet The last step to do before we finish is to create a hole on the underside of the block for a magnet to sit in. We’ll create a hole for a 18mm x 3mm circular magnet.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img31 Before creating a hole in the back of the base, we’ll need to first flick it 180 degree – it’ll be easier to make the hole with this way. Using the mouse, first click on the object (1), then click and hold the arrow symbol above Z axis (2)and a line labelled Rotate Y will appear.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img32 Next, with the left mouse button still engaged, move the mouse down until the degree symbol on the screen arrives at 180(3).

Tip: For more accuracy when rotating objects, press and hold the (ctrl) key at the same time, and the object will rotate in 1 degree increments.

  XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img33 In the model bar on the left hand side, locate and click the Geometric figures library (1), then select the cylinder icon (2).   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img34 In the newly created cylinder’s Properties window, change the position to X: 0,Y: 0,Z: 23mm, then change the dimensions to X: 20,Y: 20,Z: 8mm.

Tip: 挖洞的尺寸設定稍微大一點,以方便成品列印後的加工。

  XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img35 Select the base model (1), then in the toolbar select the hole function(2).   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img36 Next, select the cylinder part(3) , then click on the hole icon again (4) to complete the hole operation.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img37 After finishing everything, select the question mark and shade, then temporarily move it to the side.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img38 Select the base model (1), then click and hold the arrow above the the z axis, a Rotate Y tag will pop up (2).   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img39 Next, with the left mouse button held down, move the mouse in a half circle until the block has rotated 180 degrees.   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img40 Congratulations! Now your model is ready to print!   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img41_0   XYZmaker_brick_tutorial_img41 You can also use the same techniques used in the tutorial, coupled with the XYZmaker, to make tonnes of things!  

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