XYZmaker tutorial – Pen holder part 2

XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img27 Use the software’s various 3D libraries to decorate the pen holder. In the left-hand model toolbar, click on Letters, then click on the “next page” icon.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img28 Single click on H and the character “H” will follow your cursor on the screen. Move the cursor to the front of the pen holder and click again on either the left or right mouse button to place the “H” character.

Tip: If you accidentally select an object from the 3D library, click in the modeling grid to place the object and then press delete or undo.

  XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img29 Repeat the steps above to make H, a, p, p, y on the modeling grid.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img30 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img31 Select any character, then hold down the (ctrl) key and select the remaining four characters.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img32 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img33 Change your viewing angle as shown above. Click and hold the rotation arrow above the Y axis, then with the mouse button still held down, drag the mouse down to rotate the part 90 degrees.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img34 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img35 With all the characters selected, make them part of the pen holder by clicking on the axis lines and moving the parts along the Y and Z axis.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img36 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img37 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img38 Separately click on the control orb’s X and Y control points, and drag the mouse to enlarge the characters.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img39 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img40 Separately select every character, and move it along the X and Z axis to where you want it.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img41 XYZmaker has an inbuilt 3D text generator. In the left-hand model toolbar click on the Tools library, then click on Text. In the Text Generator window type any word you wish to create it in 3D.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img42 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img43 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img44 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img45 Separately adjust the font, size, and color then click on the yellow arrow Generate text.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img46 The generated text will follow your cursor, move it to the front for the pen holder, then left-click or right-click to place the parts.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img47 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img48 Select the part you just created, left-click on the Y axis control arrow and drag the mouse to rotate the part 90 degrees.   XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img49 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img50 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img51 XYZmaker_pen_holder_tutorial_img52 Move the part along the X,Y, and Z axis to merge it with the pen holder.  

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