XYZmaker tutorial – Fish bone card holder part 2

XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img043 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img044 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img045 In the special gallery select the egg model to create an egg (1,2) . Edit its dimensions to X: 70,Y: 30,Z: 60 mm(3), and press the land (4) to make the egg stick to the work plane.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img046 Create a cube called the cutting part and adjust its dimensions to X: 80,Y: 60,Z: 20 mm, adjust the part’s position as the image above.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img047 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img048 Use the hole function to trim the egg (1-4). This part will be called the fish head.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img049 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img050 Select the fish head (1), click and hold the arrow above the X axis(2), then drag the mouse and rotate the part 270 degrees(3).   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img051 Move the fish head to the fish body so that the two are combined(4). Then change the fish head’s color to the same as the fish body(5).   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img052 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img053 Looking at the two parts together, it seems like the fish body is a little bit too big. Select and shrink the fish body using the Z axis control point (1-3).

Tip: When modeling, it helps to often inspect and adjust the model.

  XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img054 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img055 Next create a fish eye; in the geometric figures gallery create a half sphere(1,2) and change its dimensions to X: 25,Y: 25,Z: 10 mm (3).   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img056 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img057 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img058 Select the half sphere you just created, click and hold down the arrow above the Y axis, then drag the mouse to rotate the part 90 degrees. Finally click on the Land button to sit the part in the work plane.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img059 Create a cube from the model gallery, and change the dimensions to X: 4,Y: 20,Z: 16 mm, move it to a similar position as the image above.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img060 As above, take the recently created cube and using the arrow above the Y axis, rotate the part 45 degrees.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img061 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img062 Using the mirror function mentioned earlier, click on the left button in the mirror properties window to mirror the cube.(1-3)   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img063 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img064 Click on the mirrored cube(1) and drag it along the x axis(2) so that it makes an X shape with the original cube(3).

Tip: You can also use the letter gallery to model the letter X and see what it looks like.

  XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img065 Group the two cubes and move them so that they intersect with the half sphere, adjust the intersection depth as shown in the image above.

Tip: You can make the half sphere transparent to better see the intersection depth for the two parts by clicking X-ray in the properties window.

  XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img066 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img067 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img068 To finish the fish eye, select the half sphere (1), then use the hole feature to cut an x shape out of it (2-4).

Tip: You can use other shapes, characters, symbols to make any impression you want in the fish eye.

  XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img069 Manually adjust the fish eye’s position and angle so that it is recessed into the face of the fish head.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img070 Next, to prepare to make the other eye, first take the fish head and move it along the Y axis so it won’t interfere with modeling. Select the fish head and move it as above (1-3) .   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img071 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img072 Select the fish eye(1) and using the mirror tool(2), click on the back button in the mirror window to duplicate the eye(3).   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img073 Take note of what the original fish eye’s Y coordinate is, multiply it by -1, and assign the new value to the mirrored fish eye. For example, if the original fish eye’s Y coordinate is -14.66, then the mirrored fish eye Y coordinate will be-14.66*-1= 14.66.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img074 Select the mirrored fish eye and change its Y axis position to 14.66.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img075 Select the fish head you moved out of way earlier and change its Y position to 0.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img076 Select the fish head and the two fish eyes (1-3) , then group them together using group (4).  

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