XYZmaker tutorial – Fish bone card holder part 3

XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img077 Next, create the fish tail; make a cube and change its dimensions to X: 50,Y: 15,Z: 60 mm, position it similar to the image above   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img078 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img079 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img080 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img081 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img082 Clone the cube, change its color, then enlarge, move, and rotate it to cut away the outline as previously done in this tutorial. This part will now be called the fish tail.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img083 Clone the fish tail, shrink it, rotate it, and move it to the same position as the image above. This will be called the tail wedge.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img084 The same as before, use the mirror function to copy the tail wedge, shrink it , rotate it, and move it to the same position as above.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img085 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img086 Use the adjusted tail wedges to cut into the fish tail using the hole function. The fish tail is complete.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img087 Separately adjust the fish head, fish body, and fish tail to ensure they are in the right positions. Take the fish head, fish body and fish tail, and group them together(1-4). The fish bone is complete.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img088   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img089 Select the fish bone, click and hold the arrow above the Z axis and drag/rotate it 10 degrees.  

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