XYZmaker tutorial – Fish bone card holder part 4

XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img090 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img091 Next, create a base for the fish bone, add a cylinder, and adjust its dimensions to X: 100,Y: 35,Z: 20 mm.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img092 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img093 Clone the cylinder then take the copied cylinder and in the properties box, adjust its position to X: 0,Y: 0,Z: 5. Change the dimensions to X: 135,Y: 80,Z: 10 mm.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img094 Add a half pie (1,2) , single-click on the half pie icon and freely place the model in the work plane (3), then adjust its position.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img095 Next, adjust the half pie’s position and dimensions in the properties box as the shown in the image above(4). These objects will be called the base.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img096 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img097 Select the fish bone and move it toward the base so that the two overlap, use the image above as a reference.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img098 Next, add a pen holder to make the card holder more useful. Create a cylinder and change its dimensions to X: 20,Y: 20,Z: 40 mm, then drag it on the base.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img099 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img100 Clone the cylinder(1,2) and change new copied cylinder’s dimensions to X: 15,Y: 15,Z: 60 mm(3).   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img101 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img102 Select the original cylinder(1), use the hole function (2,3,4) to create a hole for a pen. Call his new part the pen holder.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img103 Select the pen holder, and as shown above, rotate the part along the Y axis by 15 degrees.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img104 Create a sphere, freely adjust it using the control orb, and move it to the position above.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img105 Select the pen holder and using the hole function, select the sphere you just created to create a wave-like shape.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img106 XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img107 Lastly check the model to see if there are any parts sticking out that need to be trimmed.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img108 Congratulations! The completed part should look like this, now you can prepare it for 3D printing.   XYZmaker_fishbone_tutorial_img109 See what you can make using the same cutting and construction methods that you learn in this tutorial. Give it a go!  

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